Adventure Tales of America - Illustrated U.S. History Books
by Jody Potts, Ph.D.
Signal Media Publishers

Student Play

Included in the Teacher's Guide is a one-act play about the creation of the Declaration of Independence. See how easily you and your students can dramatize Adventure Tales of America. Drama is an ideal way to make learning fun and inclusive. Students with different learning styles and ability levels can experience history together.

As explained in the complete lesson plan for this activity, costumes and props may be simple or elaborate. A simple production may use only two hats and a crown. Even if costumes are not possible, imagination is just as good and as much fun.

An excerpt from the play:

(Thomas Jefferson puts on tricorn hat. Uncle Sam steps back. King George enters stage right and sits on throne.)

King George:  The French and Indian War that ended in 1763 cost so much money. It was fought for the protection of the colonists. Therefore, colonists must help pay for it with taxes. It's only fair.

Thomas Jefferson:  We don't object to taxes. But, as Englishmen, we have the right to a say in what taxes are levied against us. (writing with a quill pen while standing at desk)

King George:  I need to send troops to help collect the taxes. But the troops have to stay somewhere. I'll make the colonists quarter them:  house and feed them.

Thomas Jefferson:  English law forbids quartering troops in private homes. What does King George think he's doing?

King George:  The colonists still don't get it. It's time to teach them a lesson.

(to be continued in your classroom?)